English Languageزبان فارسی كاربراني كه از متن خوان استفاده مي كنند اينجا را كليك نمايند
national museum of Iran was made accessible for the blind

PACTOS, made the national museum of Iran accessible for the visually impaired patrons. According to this project, the blind patrons in three ways can have access to the information: first of all, a Braille display and a special software has been provided by which the blind visitors can enter different codes to get unabridged information for each code in Braille and audio format. The second way is a tactile system in which, the blind visitors can touch the tactile picture of the objects of the museum and read the Braille printer brochures in the third designed system, they can touch a maquette of the object in the museums.


It’s the first time in Iran that a museum is being made accessible for the blind and Iran’s national tourism organization has collaborated with PACTOS to do this project.

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