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Pactos Inc. the first and only manufacturer of hardware for blind people in Iran was founded in 1992 by four graduates of SUT (Sharif University of Technology) in Tehran, Iran.
From its early beginning services for visually impaired people was one of its major activities:
- In 1994 Omid the first talking computer with Farsi voice (with single vowel output) was released.
- The first computer skills class for blind was established by Pactos in 1994
- The first Braille display ( Barjasteh negar ) with Farsi Braille output was released in 1997 which enabled the Iranian blinds to use Farsi and Arabic texts
- The first Farsi Text To Speech ( TTS ) software based on recorded words was released in 1999
- The DSR ( Dos Screen Reader ) and WSR ( Windows Screen Reader ) were released in 2000
- By developing Navid 4 and Pacjaws  a unique software solution was ready for Farsi speaking Visually impaired in 2001
- In 2004 Barjasteh negar 2 was released 
- In 2006 Navid 5 and pacjaws 8 were released with the first Farsi TTS with artificial voice engine
- Soroush the  Talking and touching training system was released in 2007
- With the supports of State Welfare organization of Iran  the free ver. of Navid and Pacjaws with the new voice engine was released in 2013
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